Wild, Wonderful WV


canaan-loop-rd-2.jpgMr. B and I decided we needed a few days in INHALE AND EXHALE and there is no better place than Canaan Valley. This is the perfect time of the year to see the leaves at their peak and see the beauty of the fall season.

We stayed in the Canaan Valley Lodge and woke up each morning to see the fog over the valley and the sun peaking through the clouds. The deer would graze in the yard and they would eat apples from your hand.

The vastness of the wilderness is beautiful and also dangerous. An 18 year old boy was lost in the Dolly Sods area while we were visiting that area. He was found alive today after spending four days lost in the wilderness. This boy was autistic and is unable to talk and tell anyone of his terrible experience. Many prayers were answered when he was found.


About yellow6347

Memories, thoughts, life, business, God and family are in the circle of my life. I am writing the story of my life from Early Life in a WV Coal Camp in the 40's to the present time. Expressing my thoughts have made me very thankful for today. I hope they touch you.

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  1. I’m glad you had a good getaway with Poppa. I also, like the new theme/layout of the blog. I liked the other on alot too.

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