Osborne Bros. Country Store-Part 2


butter.jpgThe farmers in the area made their own butter and molded it in round or long shapes.  Granny always made sure she asked who made the butter before she would buy it.  There is nothing like fresh country butter on hot cornbread.

Enough of this talk about butter.  Let’s get to what is upstairs.  It is something exciting.  Get ready!

During the early part of December my mom would whisper in my ear, “I think Santa has been down to Osbornes’.”  Would you like to go down and see what Santa has left?”  I would be so excited I couldn’t hardly wait until time to go.


There was a stairway at the rear of the store that lead to the upstairs. This is where Santa had left some toys. You had to climb about eight stairs and you were at the first landing and then there were eight more stairs.  The stairs made squeeking sound with each step.

When I got to the top of the stairs I didn’t know which way to go first.  Santa had left toys on all the tables and bikes were sitting in the floor.  How did he get all these toys up the steep stairs?

I headed down the aisle to the dolls that sat on a table.  There were dolls is blonde curls, dolls that looked like newborn babies and dolls with hard plastic faces.  Personally, I liked the newborn baby that could pee in it’s pants.  My mom kept asking me which one I like and I couldn’t figure out why she wanted to know.

On one long table were games like Chinese Checkers, Dominos, Monopoly and card games.  I always like the coloring books and crayolas and Santa usually left them under the tree. 

Santa even left toys like Bee Bee Guns, cap busters, Radio Flyer wagons and tops that would go round and round when you pushed the handle on top.

Me and my mom, and usually the clerk, Mable would spend an hour just looking at toys.  Mom always said you could buy the toys and Santa had just left them there for us to see.  I think Santa must have been listening when I said I liked certain toys.  I don’t know how this happened, but by some magical force the toys I liked would be under my Christmas tree on Christmas morning.  Do you think Santa may have been hiding under one of those long tables?  Maybe he was listening to me! 


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