Christmas at Little Granny’s House


sears.jpgMy Little Granny (Woodrum) was simply someone who loved Christmas and grandchildren.   This little person with curls all over her head  made Christmas a magical event.  Weeks before Christmas the Sears Christmas Catalog would arrive in the mail.  This was a big event!!  Granny would let me know that I better come up and visit and look at the catalog. 

I would sit in the living room with Pee Paw, Little Granny and Aunt Noka and they seemed to be watching and listening as I scanned the book.  The pictures in the book just about took my breath and I would comment about what I liked. There were page after page of dolls, games, and boy toys.  Noka would usually come sit with me and ask me to show her what I liked in the catalog.

Granny’s back bedroom was off limits during the month of December.  I found out later that granny was hiding Christmas gift and she wouldn’t let anyone in that room.  That just made me want to snoop even more.  I didn’t know it then, but she ordered my Christmas gifts from Sears, the mailman delivered the gifts and Granny hid them.  That’s okay.  I got to open them on Christmas Eve.

Around the second week in December Granny would start making huge pans of Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge.  She had a pantry in her kitchen and she would store the pans of fudge until Christmas.

One year Granny told me to come up to her house and we would make some candy cane cookies.  We made sugar cookie dough and colored half of it red.  She helped me roll one piece of white dough to be long like a snake and then roll red dough the same way.  We we wound the piece around each other and shaped them to look like a candy cane.  Sixty years later and it is still a precious memory.

angel-food.jpgGranny always made a homemade angle food cake for Christmas.  She made Seven Minute Frosting and carefully put the icing on the cooled cake.  Then she took red cinnamon drop candies & put them on the top and side of the cake.  I would sneak in the kitchen while all the “big people” were in the living room talking.  I couldn’t resist.  I would run my finger along the bottom of the cake and swoop up a big bit of the frosting.  I guess my dad must have known I was plundering or into something.  I could hear him from the living room, “Brenda, you had better not be into that cake icing or you are going to get a whipping.”  Granny would just say, “Now, Don, she isn’t hurting anything.”  Granny got me out of a lot of trouble.  That icing was yummy.


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