I Need to Exhale


I am not in the “good old memories” mode today.  I am in the present and need to exhale.  What can be more frustrating than a client that won’t return phone calls, they wait until the last minute to make ad revisions and then want to completely revise what they just said they wanted.

 It is a day like this that I would just like to tell them that my time is too valuable and I am not going to be their agent any longer.  I can laugh at myself as I write this.  Who am I fooling?  I will baby this client, make the revisions and grind my teeth when I hang up the phone.  We need the money and I need the practice in patience.

Oh, I feel so much better!!


About yellow6347

Memories, thoughts, life, business, God and family are in the circle of my life. I am writing the story of my life from Early Life in a WV Coal Camp in the 40's to the present time. Expressing my thoughts have made me very thankful for today. I hope they touch you.

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