Sleigh Riding


Sleigh AngelThe first snowfall was exciting to two kids named Brian and Teresa.  They couldn’t wait to get on a warm coat, boots, gloves and two pair pants.   Snow angels seemed to appear all over the back yard.  They would go to the shed out back and dig out their sleigh, cardboard boxes or anything that would slide down the hill.  They would head for the top of the hill and then enjoy a thrill ride to the bottom.

 Me and Mr. B usually joined the kids and played in the snow too.  I wasn’t quite as brave as Mr. B, but I took a few rides too.  It always looked so far down when you were standing on the top of the hill.

FireSometime we would build a big bonfire in the middle of a field to keep everyone warm.  I have a special coco mix called “BYF Coco Mix” and it was always a hit with the half frozen kids.

One winter we had a lot of deep snow and the kids took a shoebox and made snow block for on igloo.  Some of their friends joined them in making the igloo.  It stood in the yard for several days before it melted.

I hope Brian and Teresa let their kids have this experience too.


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