Daily Archives: December 17, 2007

Early Life in the Coal Camp-Carol Ann


Carol Ann lived three house up the tracks from my house and she was the same age as me.  She was a little chubby and had pretty blond hair.  I was always in competition with her and I realize now I was jealous of her.  When I was six years old, I just didn’t like her sometime.

Carol Ann walked down the tracks one day with a notebook and pen in her hand.  I was playing in the yard and she sat down in the grass outside our fence.  She said, “Look what I can do.  I can write in cursive writing”.  I knew it was something more fancy than the writing I could do and I was steaming.  My attitude toward Carol Ann is going to get me in some big trouble.

We walked home from school and I began to think how I could be mean to Carol Ann.  Then the idea hit me.  Get your little friend Lynn to throw pieces of coal at Carol Ann.  Well, like I said, I can get Lynn to do anything and he followed order.  Coal was thrown at her until she got on her porch.

I really don’t know how information traveled so fast.  There were no TV’s, no cell phones and yet the school principal knew about this the next morning.  I heard Mr. Gray the principal call out my name to come to his office.  I was scared stiff, but had no idea why he wanted me.  I stood in front of his desk and he looked so official in his suit and tie and hardly any hair.

He discussed the “Carol Ann” deal and said he wasn’t going to paddle me since I hadn’t been in trouble before, but I was on probation.

When I got home from school…..my dad knew about me getting in trouble.  He asked me what the principal said and I started crying and said Mr. Gray put me on STARVATION for the rest of the year.  I didn’t know what probation or starvation meant, but for some reason my mom and dad put their hand over their mouth and started laughing.  I just couldn’t understand why they were laughing until my dad explained.

I realized that your parents must have eyes in the back of their head and they knew everything I did.


Over the river and through the woods………..


over-river.jpg…………to grandmother’s house we go. Yes, Zoe sang this song as she traveled from IL to WV. My daughter T, her hubby G and Zoe arrived yesterday and will be in WV through Christmas. Z just lit up when she opened my door and spotted all the gifts and Christmas lights. MawMaw when can we open our gifts!

There are things I hope we get to do with the grand-kids this week. It is snowing and I have the perfect hill for sleigh riding, but then two are sick. Making sugar cookies is in the plan and that should be fun.

cookies.jpgNow is the time. This is the place. Make memories while you can.