Daily Archives: December 21, 2007

Life in the Coal Camp-I Have a Little Sister


I was the only grandchild for all grandparents and the only child for seven years.  Well, that was about to change!  My mom looked like she was getting bigger and I began to ask a few questions.  My mom told me that she was going to have a little baby. (no ultra sounds back then).  I thought maybe you could order a boy or a girl and I asked for a little brother.

My mom wanted to stay with her parents at Yawkey, WV when she had the baby.  My sister was born at The Henson Clinic at Hamlin, WV on 8/1.  I remember going to the clinic with my dad to see the new baby and my mommy.  There was this little tiny baby wrapped in a blanket and lying in a tiny crib.  This was my little sister, Beverly Ann.

This was a big adjustment for “the queen” to adjust to another child in the house.  When my mom got home she let me hold Bev and give her a kiss.  I did truly love my sister.

As of 2007, we still have a wonderful sister relationship and I like to make sure she is protected.  Sisters are sisters forever.


Early Life in the Coal Camp-My Dad Was Saved


mt-lewis-church.jpgMy mom and I attended the Mt. Lewis Baptist Church and my daddy went “sometimes”.  The picture is the actual church as it looks today.  Rev. Eugene Wolfe was holding a revival service at our church and my mom talked daddy into going with her.  He attended several nights and really like to hear Rev. Wolfe preach.  One night of the revival, he walked to the alter and prayed and ask God to forgive him of his sins.  He became a born again Christian and was baptized later.

My dad was a faithful Christian for the remainder of his life.  He served as a deacon, association leader, teacher and church treasurer most of his life.  He was an Christian example to his children and grandchildren.

Life in the coal camp produced good results that lasted a lifetime.