Over the River and Through the Woods………..


……………….to grandmother’s house we go.  All the relatives and kids were singing and traveling to our house for Christmas.  All the gifts are placed under the tree and we share a Christmas Eve dinner.  Mr. B gathers everyone to the dining room and we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and have prayer before we eat.  The sideboard has ham, turkey, dressing, cheesy potato casserole, corn, green beans, cranberry jello salad, deviled eggs, hot rolls and all sorts of desserts. It is all good and  I want everyone to enjoy it.

I love sitting at the Christmas table and taking time to eat, talk and laugh.  While it is such fun, I also miss my parents more this time of year.  Mother always loved my cranberry salad and think of her when I make it.  She and daddy would love being here and seeing all the grand-kids.

The grand-kids are taught the joy of giving and receiving gifts.  E, L and M bought Mr. B and I gifts at the school Santa’s Workshop.  I got two “Grandma-No one in the whole wide world could love you more than me” ceramic plaques.  I also got a little red box with a glass “Don’t Worry Angel” and a stuffed bear.  The little gifts are worth a million!

My son gathered all the kids together and read the story of Jesus birth to everyone.  We sang Christmas several carols to end the night of fun.  This was a wonderful night.


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