Early Life in the WV Coal Camp-The Taffy Pull


taffy.jpgThe Agee family lived just down the tracks and on the right of the road.  They lived beside the Shadeeds Furniture Store in a big house with lots of activity.  Elizabeth Agee was one of my mom’s best friends and we were always walking down for a visit. 

One day Elizabeth had us to come down to join in on a taffy pull.  I had no idea what we would be doing, but it sounded like fun.  Elizabeth had already cooked the ingredients and let them cool.  We had to rub butter on our hands so the taffy wouldn’t stick.  She gave her daughter a glob of taffy and told me to grab about half the taffy and pull it up the hallway (without getting it on the floor).  We kept pulling, then mixing the glob and pulling some more. Finally, it reached the stage that Elizabeth got out her scissors and began cutting it into pieces and my mom wrapped them in paper.


hershey.jpgThis was a once in a lifetime experience, but I decided it was easier to just eat a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar.


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  1. I was wondering who you and your mom were. Liz lives here in Hagerstown, MD and is in a nursing home. I may not have been around for the taffy pull.

  2. Sherry, I am glad to get your comment. My parents were Don and Delores Woodrum. I was Brenda Woodrum and now Hudson. The Elizabeth I knew had a son, Jimmy and two daughters, Karen and Susie. I think you may have been the younger daughter. I am now 66 and remember back to when I was only five or six years old.

    I hope the person you say lives in Hagerstown is the same person from Mammoth. I loved visiting at her home. Both my parents are deceased.

    Please keep me posted.

  3. Brenda, we were playmates. I remember having lunch with you on your porch.

    Your Mom and Dad were two of the nicest people I have ever known. Your Mom made the best Divinity Candy I have ever eaten. I used to tell Mom I was going to try to find her address and have her send me some.

    I visited with you after you moved to Yawkey (I believe it was during Christmas Break). I had to get up very early one morning to ride with your Dad to Mammoth.
    I also remember getting car sick on the way.

  4. Karen, I am so glad we have found each other. We haven’t seen each other in nearly 60 years. This is so wonderful. I always wanted to have pigtails like yours. I had naturally curly hair and pigtails wouldn’t work.

    Yes, mother could make wonderful candy and the Divinity was sort of her trademark. So, is Elizabeth still living?

    I had completely forgotten about you visiting with us at Yawkey. I have your email address and will send a personal email too.

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