Early Life in WV Coal Camp-My Mommy Is Getting Fat


maternity-smock.jpgHere recently when mommy is chatting with some of her girl friends, I have noticed them putting their hand’s up to their mouth and whispering.  This was true, especially if I was in the room.  I was not a kid that liked secrets or not knowing everything that was happening.  I would ask why they were whispering and they would just say, “It is woman talk”.

For some reason my mom began wearing these big tops that everyone called a maternity top.  Maternity…………I didn’t know if that was a style….a color….what.  Finally, mother told me she was going to have a baby.  Back then…..that was about all children were told.  I really began asking questions and I was assured that she would go to the hospital to get the baby.  I could not understand why she had to get fat to have a baby.

I have been the only kid in my house for seven years and I began thinking about a new baby coming to live with us.  I thought about sharing my mother and daddy and I was afraid they wouldn’t like me anymore.  I was first child and the first grandchild on both sides of the family.  All the grandparents dotted on me and what if they wouldn’t love me anymore.  Oh, I was in termoil at the age of seven.

high-chair.jpgMother started bringing out the wooden highchair that she used when I was a baby.  It had a picture of a smiling baby on the back and they tray was wood.  She told me how I used to sit in this very chair and she would feed me.  She still had my baby bed and the new baby would sleep where I had slept.  This is getting exciting and maybe I am glad another little baby will come to live with us.

Okay….mother is going to have a baby and I am putting in my order for a brother.  Time will tell if the baby will be a boy.  More later.


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