Early Life in WV Coal Camp-Vacation Bible School


I am now back home from Granny Woodrum’s house and ready to spend some time at Vacation Bible School.  We attended the Mt. Lewis Baptist Church and they planned a VBS for all the kids now out for summer break.  This would be my first time at VBS and it sounded good.

I walked down the tracks each morning and was greeted by all the VBS teachers.  There we kids here that I didn’t know and some of them had never been in church before.  We were divided into classes by age and we had lessons and crafts according to the ages too.

We would meet in the sanctuary and say the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag, pledge to the Bible and pledge to the Christian flag.  We learned many songs with actions to match.  I remember us singing Climb, climb up sunshine mountain (pulling with our hands like we were climbing), Heavenly breezes blow (waving with our hands), Faces all aglow (hands open to each side of our face).  It was fun to sing and move your hands and feet at the same time.

We would go to an area an make crafts and I still have (58 years later) the little riveted monkey I made at my first VBS.  I keep him in my cedar chest.

Our teachers took us on a picnic to Kanawha State Forest after VBS.  Some went in cars and me and others rode on the back of a pick-up truck (yes, no seat belts).  This was about a 35 mile drive and we were wind blown by the time we arrived for the picnic.  It started to rain and the lucky kids were in cars.  Me, I was on the back of a pick-up truck and the ride back was not as much fun.

The next morning I woke up with a throbbing ear ache and mother had to put drops in my ears.  Even with an ear ache, this was a totally wonderful experience for a little girl from Mammoth, WV. 


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