Reflections in My Mirror-From Head to Toe


I was the kid that had to stay busy…..doing something.  Mother could always seem to find little projects and I am surprised she trusted me to complete them.  We had a wooden glider porch swing that was in bad need of a paint job.  I was “Miss I Can Do It” and I was elected. 

Daddy pulled the swing/glider out in the yard near a shade tree.  I am sure they didn’t want to get paint on the porch and the drips would just go on the ground.  Mother didn’t have a good selection of paint, but we found a quart of brown enamel paint that we thought would look good. 

I started painting and I knew right away this would be a bigger project than anticipated.  I had to keep moving the swing into the shade.  By afternoon I was painting near the house and I sat the can of paint on the window ledge under the dining room window.

You see………my little sister was about about four years old and she was inside looking out the window.  It was very hot and there was a screen in the window.  The cute little sister with curls all over hear head………raised her hand……….hit the screen……….and the can of brown enamel paint……………………tumbled over and landed on my neck…..and all down my body.

I began to scream and ask her why she hit that screen.  Mother came running out the house and I could see from her face that she didn’t know how to get this paint off my skin.  This was enamel and we couldn’t use water.  Mother grabbed us kids and ran through the field to Grandpa McClure’s house.  Tommy Harless was drilling a water well and when he saw me…he started laughing and making comments.  I just cried harder and sure didn’t think it was funny.

The only way to not stay brown the rest of my life was to remove the paint with gasoline.  Yes, they put gasoline on a rag and wiped me down “head to toe”.  I am sure glad Uncle Bill didn’t walk up with a lit cigarette.

I got to take an afternoon bubble bath and soak in the tub for a long time.


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  1. I am that little sister and I don’t think I would intentionallydo such a thing. I was just checking to see that the screen was in the window securely.

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