Reflections in My Mirror-Bat Girl


Our old house had wonderful air conditioning.  Laugh. Laugh.  Yes, we could raise the windows, put in a window screen and turn on a window fan to condition the air.  Everyone had the same kind of system to condition the air in their home….if they were fortunate enough to have a window fan.

The screen kept most live creature like flies, bugs, lizards and mosquitoes out of the house.  There is one thing that could get through these screens and that was a BAT.  A live flying BAT.

My sister and I slept together in the back bedroom.  I was about 11 years old and she was 4 years old on this particular scary night.  We were lying in the bed talking and I hate to say it, but I was probably aggravating her.  The moonlight was shining through the window and you could slightly see in the bedroom.  I kept thinking I could see a dark shadow flying near the ceiling.

I screamed for my mom and told her something was in our room.  She said  to close my eyes and go to sleep.  I really needed my mom and I kept screaming until she got up and turned on our light.  Then mother started screaming, “Don, there is a bat in the kid’s bedroom.”  That was all it took for me jump out of bed and run to the kitchen.  Mother was telling daddy to hit the BAT with the broom and it was just mad chaos.

Something is wrong with this picture.  I have a little sister that was in the bed with me.  We forgot to get Beverly out of the bed and she is sitting up in the middle of the bed, the BAT is flying and daddy is swinging a broom.  Finally, mother realizes that “the baby” is in the room with the BAT.

My very brave dad was the hero for the evening when he killed the flying BAT.  A broom is good for things other than sweeping.

Following the excitement, Beverly went to mother and daddy’s bed and I slept with the covers over my head that night and many nights thereafter.


About yellow6347

Memories, thoughts, life, business, God and family are in the circle of my life. I am writing the story of my life from Early Life in a WV Coal Camp in the 40's to the present time. Expressing my thoughts have made me very thankful for today. I hope they touch you.

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