Reflections in My Mirror-What’s on the Nail?


I always like going to Sunday School at the Porter Fork Baptist Church when I was a kid.  The church at that time was one big room with curtains across the front to divide classes.  I was in the Middle-rs Class and we sat up front on the right side of the church.  We had a bulletin board for important announcements.  Aunt Edna also used a flannel graph board that was used to visually illustrate the lessons.  The little pictures had a sticky film on the back that would stick and peel to the board.

One Sunday morning we had sung one song and I glance over to the bulletin board and to a nail that was sticking out.  I saw something that looked like a balloon on the nail and it had never been there before.  I tapped Aunt Edna on the shoulder and asked, “What is that thing on the nail?”  I was pointing and asking at the same time.  I could tell from her face that something was wrong.  She put her hand up to cover her face and just started saying, “Oh, my. Oh, my.”

Some of the boys were giggling and us girls looked like “deer with headlights in their eyes”.  All at once she told all of us to move over to the left side of the church and the curtains on the right side were closed in a flash.  I could hear some adults whispering and feet shuffling behind the closed curtains.  About 10 minutes later the curtains were opened and I immediately looked for the thing on the nail that looked like a white balloon and it was gone.

Aunt Edna privately told me that a teenage girl and boy had entered the church on Friday or Saturday and did some things that were not nice.  She said what was left on the nail was very bad and God did not appreciate what happened in His house.

This situation made the deacons sweat and poor Aunt Edna really had flushed cheeks.  I still didn’t know what was on the nail.


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