Reflections in My Mirror–Goodbye Grade School


When you entered the 5th grade you were in the “big room” at Porter Fork Grade School.  The 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades had classes in the same room.  Betty Castle and Alice Morrell taught during those grades and I thought both were good teachers. 

This was in the era where teachers paddled kids as a way of discipline.  Stanly gave Mrs. Morrell a hard time and I can remember several incident of her making him lean over and she would paddle his rear.

Well, I finished up 5th, 6th and was in the 7th when my teacher suggested I be double promoted and go on into the 8th grade.  All the classes were in one room and you could really learn a lot by listening to the higher class.  I would listen to the 8th grade and take their test along with the other students.  I was really excited when I was moved into the 8th grade and could go to high school with my friend, Sylvia.

Going to this school was not as bad as you might think.  I love looking back at all the fun things we did and the freedom we had to pray, sing and speak.  There was never anyone complaining that our morning prayers offended them and pledging allegiance was just part of the day.  Schools today could learn valuable lessons from this old two room school.


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  1. I attended both parochial and public schools and worked all my life in public schools and never heard anyone complain about anyone praying either. Pledging allegiance was always part of the day too.

    Sometimes I think the few people who make a big fuss over things get lots of media air play but it doesn’t reflect reality so much.

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