Reflections in My Mirror–Starting Duval Hi


Well, much of my elementary frolic and games has ended and it is time for a new era in my life.  This was truly the “Fonzie” days in 1958.  The guys had duck tail hair cuts, collars flipped up and pegged pants.  Us girls had poodle skirts, saddle oxfords and a scarf tied around our neck.  We were the coolest generation to hit the planet.

The only high we got was drinking a Coca-Cola and taking two aspirin for a headache.  Slipping to smoke at a slumber party was a cute little sin and it made us feel untouchable.  There would be twenty-four girls at Dawn R. house and the smoke would be rolling out under the bedroom door.  I am sure my mom could smell smoke on my clothes when I got home, but I denied smoking. 

All the teens from area grade schools entered Duval High School for the 9th grade.  Everyone was tested and divided into three Freshman home rooms.  We were sort of labeled as to smartest, smart and less smart with  these group home rooms.

I always loved school and I liked this even more.  I could already see there would be more of a challenge to learn and excel in new subjects.  Ms. Tate was our Civics teacher and she required lots of research and an appreciation for the current news in the world.  I suppose that is why I love CNN 50 years later.

Our lunch break was a time of “Rock and Roll” at the restaurant across the road.  For .30 cents you could get a hot-dog and a cold Coca-Cola for lunch.  All the kids that could dance would be on the floor dancing to the juke box that was playing Fat Domino, Elvis, Fabian or other great singers.  Avis was a little guy, but he could dance like a pro.  He would probably dance on “Dancing With the Stars”.

Hello, High School!!!


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