Reflections in My Mirror-Granny’s Front Porch Part III


The temperature was always an important issue.  There was an old Roy Crown Cola thermoter that hang above the snake plants.  Everyone would compare the temp reading with the radio, to see if the radio was correct.

There were things that took place on granny’s porch swing that changed my life.  We were having a family gathering on the porch and everyone was talking over the latest gossip.  Granny and I were in the swing and I was lying down with my naturally curly head in her lap.  I was restless, but I could feel granny’s hand running her hand through my hair and twirling each lock every so softly until I was relaxed.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I was getting sleepy.  The peace that her hand brought to me is still remembered deep within my soul.  Years later when I swung my own children and grandchildren in my porch swing……I tried to give them the same soft touch and peace that granny gave me.

That old porch was so rough and rugged with those ugly old snake plants.  The beauty of Granny’s Front Porch went beyond the paint and plants.  The beauty was in the people who gathered there and talked about their dreams and disappointments.  I wish I could gather all of those people together on my front porch and talk about what we have done today.  I would still like for granny to put her hand on my head and twirl my hair, even though it is now grey.  Just visiting granny’s front porch in my memories has brought me a portion of the peach which was there so long ago.


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