Reflections in My Mirror-My Mom and Me


scan.jpgLooking back I didn’t really have you very long.  Our time spent together was like a vapor that drifted through a few years and ended in a far off land.  Your arms of love held me when I needed comfort and your presence seemed to scare off all the monsters that roamed in my thoughts.

Mom, I loved to have you lie down with me for the last thoughts of night and have your hands rub my chubby arms.  Your soft bedtime stories sent my imagination to far off lands and into flower covered forest.  You always helped me say my bedtime prayers and suggested prayer thought to help me out.  You beside me and I was safe. 

My white blond natural curls were a source of pride for you.  You gently gathered my curls to the top of my head and told me I was your Little Miss Sunbeam.  You entered me in the Little Miss Sunbeam contest, but some other little girl won.  I wanted pigtails and you tried your best, but the curls just kept popping out of the pigtails.

The smell of your sweet neck and the feel of your soft hands are still remembered. You would let me play beauty shop by brushing and combing your fine brown hair.  You would always tell me the hair do was pretty even though it was a drastic change to your usual style.

Today, you have been gone for a long time and I would love to touch your hands.  I have almost forgotten the sweet smell of your neck and the gentle touch of your hand.  For some reason, I am especially missing you today.

Love :  Little Miss Sunbeam


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