Reflections in My Mirror-What Am I Doing Here”


Written by myself:  April, 1993

I have arrived at a crossroads…..a new destination in life and I have no remembrance of how I arrived.  I know I have been traveling for a long time and really thought I had went many miles to new places, but I seemed to arrived almost where I started.  I didn’t have a map because my life hadn’t been charted by any earthly navigator, as of yet.  I really didn’t know the way so I just tried to use common sense and the good insight of others.

This crossroads doesn’t mean the journey is over.  It just means I have to decide which course to take from here to the end.  I could just sit here with my motor running, wasting precious time, trying to decide, wishing I wasn’t at a crossroads and not remembering all the good times on the journey to this point.  I want to keep traveling so I must choose.  The left road looks good and so does the right.  I can look and see others at this crossroads too.  Some go left and some go right.

A large billboard at this crossroads looks like a want ad in the newspaper.  “Opportunities await those willing to try.  Past failures, experiences and desire for growth and renewal will be valuable assets.  Travelers assistance along the way.  God will bless.”

Just getting past the intersection of the crossroads and heading on the next route took a lot of courage.  But all the experiences and failures are now invaluable as I start what can be a more fulfilling and exciting than the maiden voyage.

“It is good to have an end, to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end…”

Note:  It is now 15 years later….2008.  I made the right choice and my map (Bible) for traveling never failed me.  I have totally been blessed by God.  I now have four beautiful grandchildren and they are the joy of my life.  I have been blessed with being a partner in my own business. I have two wonderful children and I wouldn’t trade them for another.  My husband is still faithful in the ministry and I love him more than I ever loved him in my life.  I cherish each moment of the wonderful life that God has blessed.  I am B and I approved this message.


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