Reflection in My Mirror–Dating Begins


The natural chemistry in my body began to change and I seemed to be looking at the opposite sex in a totally different way.  I just never knew boys could be so cute and they could make your heart skip a beat.  Before that first date you always wonder when a boy will ask you out and will your parents approve.

My longtime friend Darrell seemed to know all the eligible guys in a two county area and was always introducing them to someone.  He told me there was a guy by the name of Danny R. that would like to date me.  Danny’s sister and her husband owned the local funeral home and were very well liked.  Danny’s father owned a huge farm that produced strawberries and other crops through out the summer.  You might say Danny was a true farm boy. 

Darrell brought Danny over to Lincoln Co. and introduced us to each other.  He didn’t seem bad at all, just upon meeting him.  Darrell (who my parents trusted totally), Danny and I went for a ride in his convertible.  Gee, this is exciting.

I invited Danny to our house for Sunday dinner and he enjoyed everything my my cooked.  I could sense my dad having a sly grin as Danny talked to him for thirty minutes about a hay-baler, tractors, plowing, and strawberries.  I was just pondering all this in my mind and thinking I am not sure about this guy.  From that day forward, Danny referred to him as “The Hay-baler”.

Danny occasionally worked for his brother-in-law at the funeral home to help out.  One day I was off school and busy painting the floor of the front porch for my mom.  I looked at a very strange car pulling off the road at our bridge.  Oh, my here is Danny in a big black hearse.  He had went to another town to pick up a body for his brother-in-law and he was stopping to see me.  The body was in the hearse!!!

We continued to date for several months.  Danny would come over and attend church with me and we would go to the local drive-in for a Coke and hotdog.  I could begin to see that Danny had a different idea about how far he could go with me and that was not going to happen.  I politely told him that I respected myself and he could not explore my body.  That was pretty much the end of that relationship, but something better would happen later.


About yellow6347

Memories, thoughts, life, business, God and family are in the circle of my life. I am writing the story of my life from Early Life in a WV Coal Camp in the 40's to the present time. Expressing my thoughts have made me very thankful for today. I hope they touch you.

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