Reflections in My Mirror–“The Thespian Dance”


The Thespian Dance was always one of the best social events in school.  The Thespian Club was mostly the artsy fartsy kids who liked to give speeches, participate in theater and travel to NY for speech events.  Once a year Mrs. V sponsored a nice dance and you were expected to not be a wallflower, but a participant in the events.

This sounded really exciting, but I needed a date for the dance.  Darrell said he would ask Basil if he would like to go.  Basil lived in So. Charleston and it was about 25 miles away.  I didn’t know if he would come or not.  Darrell said he would ask him and let me know.  This is where it gets confusing.  Darrell didn’t tell Basil this was a dance.  He just said it was a school function.

The night of the dance soon arrived and I was getting excited about actually attending the dance with the cute guy from South Charleston.  I had on a black silky dress with white puffy sleeves and looked pretty good.  Soon I heard a knock at the door and there stood Basil in his casual outfit and his South Charleston school jacket.  Both of our mouths dropped open.  Darrell played a trick on us.  He told Basil to just wear anything and didn’t tell him it was formal.  Basil said I am so sorry and said he would understand if I didn’t want to go with him. 

I didn’t know what to do!!!!  I really wanted to go to the dance and just wondered if I could be strong enough to explain to my friends that Darrell didn’t tell Basil it was a dance.  We decided to go to the dance and have a good time and we did.  I introduced Basil to my friends and they got a good laugh out of Darrell’s prank. 

He couldn’t dance then and 48 years later he still can’t dance, but I love him.


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