Reflection in My Mirror–One Date Lead to Another


We were having a basketball game at school and Basil said he would like for us to go.  Everything had to be cleared with my parents and they said okay.  We sat on the bleachers and the game begins …..and so does Basil.  This guy is not quite at ballgames.  He was getting his money’s worth out of the game.  He was screaming, “Kill them, Shoot Shoot, Umpire where are your eyes and Foul.  Everyone was looking at us, so it seemed.

On Monday I went to the library for Study Hall and Mrs. Goode asked me if the boy I was with at the game was drunk.  She said I know your parents and they wouldn’t want you to be with someone drinking.  I was astonished that she thought he was drunk.  I just tried to explain that he really gets excited when he goes to a ballgame and he enjoys cheering.  She sort of laughed and was glad he wasn’t drunk, but had never seen anyone so excited at a ballgame.  He is still like this.

I kept thinking about this guy and I sort of liked the way he wasn’t afraid to be different and not sit like a knot on a log.  

More later………………..


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