Reflections in My Mirror–Myrtle Beach Here We Come


Grandpa McClure had worked at Wesvaco and on his farm for years.  I think he just decided there were a few things in life he wanted to see before he got too old.  Grandpa had always wanted to see the ocean and he decided on Myrtle Beach, SC.  His son, James was now driving and could help with the drive.

Grandpa asked me if I would like to go too.  Well, it took about 2 seconds to say yes, but I would have to see if it was okay with mother and daddy.  I was so, so excited.  I had never been to the ocean before.  I started putting my clothes together and bought a pretty black one piece bathing suit.  I had lost lots of weight and I looked pretty cool.

It seemed like we drove and drove and drove and we probably did.  There were no interstate highways and it was state route driving all the way.  There were fields of crops and cotton all down through the south and fruit stands everywhere.  Granny had packed a big box of food and we stopped along the highway and ate at a park.

We stayed at the El Patio Motel on Kings Highway.  There was a billboard with a big cactus out front.  The motel was equipped with a big window air conditioner!  Boy, we cranked that air conditioner up that night to keep everything cool.  The next morning grandpa woke up with a terrible headache and his sinus completely stopped up.  He said it was that old air conditioner.  He had never slept in an air conditioned room before.

The first glimpse of the ocean just about took my breath.  Oh, this is so awesome.  The amusement park was right down by the ocean and James and I headed for the rides.  Granny was always a worry wart and she kept saying, “Now, you all be careful”.

I can still see Granny McClure in her white hat, white sandals, a dress and an umbrella.  She was afraid of the ocean when she was standing 200 ft back.  Grandpa just stood in awe and cherished the moment of seeing the ocean for the first time.  I am so glad I got to see this first time experience with him.

Memories with your grandparents last for a lifetime.


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