Reflections in My Mirror-Going Steady (1959)


Going steady in 1959 meant you were now dating one guy and you are serious about your relationship.  Having sex was not part of the relationship in this era.  Being serious meant you had found a person you like and may love and you aren’t presently interested in anyone else. 

Going steady also meant  the guy would give you his graduation ring to wear on a chair around your neck.  Basil ask me to go steady and he gave me his South Charleston class ring to wear.  Your heart is beating very fast and you think you may be in love.

This all seemed to happen very fast and my head hasn’t caught up with my heart.  I have lots of dreams, plans and questions for my life and I am not sure how any of them will work out.  Right now, I know someone really cares for me and that makes me very confident and happy.


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