Reflections in My Mirror-It is Time to Face the Future


School was a wonderful whirlwind, but the Senior year was coming to an end soon.  I loved everything about school and all my wonderful friends (many are still friends).  I had done well with my grades and was offered a full teaching scholarship to Marshall University.  I was also awarded the Leadership and Achievement award at graduation.

I really wanted to take advantage of the teaching scholarship and needed some support from my parents. You have to remember this was an era when most women didn’t go to college, but were expected to marry and have children.  Many of my friends were heading to Capital City Commerical College, some to jobs and a few to college.  I got zero support from my family  to go to Marshall and I had to turn down the scholarship and I regret it to this day.  However, I did enroll at Capital City Commercial College and completed my studies there.

We lived about 25 miles from Charleston, WV and I didn’t have a car.  My girlfriend, Carolyn and I got a ride with Mr. Prunty into Charleston each day.  We both got jobs at Silver Brand Clothes and worked there a few days a week and went to school three days a week.  My first job was typing addresses on a little silver stamping plate that was used to send out mailings to customers.  It was loud and I hated it, but I was expected to have a job.

We would usually stop off at the Imperial Diner for a sandwich and Coke between school and work.  This was truly a Charleston landmark and they had the best cream pie in the area.

I went to commercial college and passed the courses with flying colors, but I just couldn’t think I would be a secretary the rest of my life.  Not that there is anything wrong with being a secretary, but something just didn’t click for me.  I could see myself in more of a leadership role or planner.  I thought….what have I gotten my self into…………

My special someone, Basil was always waiting for me after class or after work.  This gave us an opportunity to see each other more and I had a way to get home from school.  In looking back, I am sure this must have been an expensive date to drive me home each week.  We were young, adventuresome, and we did care if it snowed oats.  We were in love.


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