Reflections in My Mirror-Getting the Rock


Mr. B’s dad worked at Carbide and the company always had a huge Christmas party for the employees at the Charleston Auditorium and I was invited to go along.  Boy, have things changed.  Companies don’t even give you a bag of oranges now.  Anyway…..we went to the event and had a wonderful time. 

During intermission Mr. B suggested we go to Bass Jewelers and look at some engagement rings.  Oh, how exciting.  We really didn’t tell anyone where we were going and just let them wonder.  The jeweler began showing us rings and some were really….really expensive.  We finally settled on a single gold band with a solitaire diamond.  The ring had to be downsized and would be ready in a few days.

The two smiling kids headed back to the Christmas party after making their exciting selection.  I am sure everyone wondered where we went and our faces must have been really showing our excitement.  I think I remember telling Mr. B’s little sister that we looked at some rings.  She said, Oh, boy am I ever glad.

My ring was ready and Mr. B presented it to me on Christmas Day 1959.  In love.  Unsure. New direction.  Life is changing.  What will happen next?


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