Reflections in My Mirror-First Political Job


I was just finishing up business college and wondering what direction my career would go.  Women didn’t have fairness in the job market in the 60’s.  Both could do the same work and the man would make substantially more money. 

My aunt, Lena was the Director of The Safety Responsibility Division of State Govt and she had an opening in her department.  I just had to not say she was my aunt and come in for the interview.  Well, needless to say, I did get the job and I loved it.  This department revoked drivers license for drunken driving and accidents.  I had to type the orders for revoking the license and copies of the orders were sent to the police department to advise of the the person losing their license.

Remember, this is in the sixty’s.  There was only one electric typewriter in an office of 24 women and one man. Yes, he made more money.  I had a manual typewriter and I had to type the order and make six copies.  One mistakes and you had to erase the original and six copies.  There was no spell check or saving a document for future use.  Bang, bang, click, space and erase. Old files were copied to microfilm and there were offices full of file cabinets of hard copies of documents. 

I will never forget someone coming through the office and asking us to contribute to “The Flower Fund”.  I thought this must be a fund to buy flowers with employees were sick or in the hospital.  Wrong!  This was a secretive way the politicans forced employees to contribute to various political campaigns. 

If you made a certain salary someone would come to the office and let you know you were expected to buy a ticket to the Lincoln Day Dinner.  These tickets were $25.00 each and that was huge in the 60’s.  Well I was told I had to buy a ticket and it just didn’t set to well and I refused.  I was a rebel even then. 

Well, I wanted an electric typewriter.  I found out early you have to ask to receive.  I finally got the typewriter and my job was so much easier.  About 20 other people were jealous.

All jobs at that time were very political.  I got this job under the Republican administration.  An election year just happened and the Democrates took over the administration of state jobs.  I had been ask to train Mary for a job and little did I know that she would be taking my Republican job.

Well, Basil’s dad was a strong Democrate and he immediately made a few contacts and three weeks later I got my job back.  It was all so crazy to see well trained people have to leave a job simply because the politics had changed.  A few years later the Civil Services jobs came about and protected this type of situation.

I could see at an early age that I loved management, thinking of better ways to do things and being my own boss.  The latter was not always good.



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