Reflection in My Mirror-I Am Smothering……….


In this road of life we have super highways, detours, off roads and many bumps.  It would be nice to be on a super highway from the beginning to the end, but friend that just doesn’t happen.  I have learned so much about my life journey during the detours and off roads.  These routes were not on my AAA life journey map, but I had to go through them to get to May 25, 2008.  Many times I complained and said I just wished I hadn’t taken this route, but destiny leads the train.

Within the last few weeks I have been on a journey that is not really exciting.  I seem to be driving on my life journey and going in circles.  I am planning a succession plan for the business, heading toward semi or complete retirement and I have never traveled this route before.  I don’t see any familiar landmarks along the way and this bothers me.  Many things are uncertain and will effect my future.

There are days when I really don’t want any responsibility for anything.  I would just like to sleep until my body wants to get up, drink coffee on my deck, have all the grand-kids over for a sleep out, go to every yard sale in the area and work on my paintings.  Will I be able to do these things soon?  Will retirement be a good dream or a nightmare?

I have been busy talking to God and praying for comfort and wisdom as I move through some big bumps in the road of life.  I want to find an inner peace and wisdom that only He can give me.  God has never failed to give me direction in the past and I just need to remember His faithfullness.

Perhaps you are reading this blog right now and have experienced some situations of “bumps” in the road of life.  Please feel free to leave your comments.



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  1. I have written a book for you …just sold our family business and wrote a book about succession planning — by the way retirement is what you make it. I’m 46 and retired. I am on a journey to help family’s in business together protect their reltionships and their wealth. I public speak, tour, sign books and generally sit back and reflect on how luck I have been….I really like your blog –gut feel tells me you should be writing your own book in retirement –you have an authentic and courageous voice in your writing…. Go for it!!!

    All the best in whatever decsion you make.

    Tom Deans

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