Life in the Coal Camp-“Found My Friend


If you have been reading my blog, you know I spent the first 8 years of my life in a coal camp at Mammoth, WV.  Review my blog and you will see I had a next door neighbor by the name of Lynn Hudnall.  For the past 60 years I have wondered if Lynn was still alive, where did he live and was it in WV. 

 My daughter made a sales contact to a business concerning their yellow pages.   After she got off the phone she came in my office and was telling me about her conversation with a man by the name of Lynn Hudnall.  I said, “Lynn Hudnall”.  I immediately wondered if this could be the person I had wondered about for 60 years. I asked Teresa to email him and ask if he used to live in Mammoth, WV.  Sure enough, this was Lynn and I just couldn’t believe it.

Lynn’s mom gave me a little oil lamp that is just about 3 inchs high.  She told me to remember her with this little lamp.  I have kept that little lamp in a “special place” for over 60 years and hope to show it to Lynn.

I have not met him face to face yet, but hope to meet he and his wife soon.  I am sure we will have some good memories to discuss.


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