Reflections in My Mirror–Beginning the Journey


The journey of a lifetime now begins!  Toot the horns and do the drum roll.  We were two people doing impromptu as we took on the new roles and wife and husband.  Are we supposed to now be grown up and not act 18 and 20?  There is still that teen spirit and one that says “settle down”.  Can we have both?

It is hard to believe that we are now married and have our own life to develop and many roads to travel.  I am ready to explore and see what is around the corner.  Basil is more of a here and now person and feels faith takes care of everything.  Together we will need to blend these outlooks of life.

You just never forget your first apartment and will think of it for years to come.  You would have loved the laundry room.  It was complete with a wonderful Magtag agitator…wringer washer.  It was electric.  You would separate your dirty clothes into a white pile, dark color pile and towels.  Simple.  You just put them in the washer turned it on and let the washer agitate for ten minutes.  The you lifted them out of the water and ran each piece of clothing through the wringer and dropped them in the basket.  The dryer was out on the back porch.  He He Ha.  The dryer was not electric, but was a clothesline that had been strung between the porch post and a tree. 

Next week I am going to the laundermat!  No kidding.


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