Reflections in My Mirror–Sunday..Worship..Singing..Eating


We agreed to attend Basil’s home church since it was close to where we lived.  The Ivydale Baptist Church has been known for years for having wonderful singers and an excellent choir.  It has always been said, “If you are a Hudson…you can sing”.  Even the small children knew how to sing on key and harmonize in a group.  The singing was a ministry in itself and still is 57 years later.

Mr. Basil is from a family of nine kids and most of them lived near the church at that time.  Mawmaw Hudson would always have dinner after church and sometimes there were 30 people for Sunday Dinner.  I can still smell the rump roast with dark brown gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes, big garden salad and rolls.  The men usually ate at the dining room table and the kids in the kitchen.  The women all ate together after the men finished. (Boy has this changed).  There was always enough to go around!

Mawmaw was famous for using every dish and pan in the kitchen and all us girls had to wash the dishes.  She didn’t have an electric dishwasher, but several people with two arms and hands.  Washing the dishes would take over an hour, but it was a fun time of laughing and talking about our week.

The meal is over and the dishes are washed.  It is time to sit on the porch and just socialize.  The men are talking about their cars, ballgames and their jobs.  The women are talking about the kids, a recipe or a old memory. 

All the bigger kids are in the yard playing softball and the little ones are playing tag.  Sooner or later one of them run’s in crying with a scraped knee.  Mawmaw gives the knee a big kiss and it is all better.

These were such fun filled and memorable Sunday’s.  I would love to experience one more day at mawmaw and pawpaw’s house on Sunday. 


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