Our First House in Yawkey, WV


It is important that I let my mind go back to the ’60 and write as the memories come to me.  It seems like yesterday, but it has been around 45 years ago.  I can still remember how excited we were to move into our house and begin our journey.  My parents lived about a mile away and many aunt’s and uncle’s were near also.  Oh, this is going to be good.

When we got married we bought enough furniture for a living room, bedroom and kitchen.  This house had more rooms and we didn’t have enough furniture. It really didn’t matter to us that we would have some empty rooms.  Everything doesn’t have to be perfect when you are in love, have faith and are adventuresome.

I was always very creative in “making do” with food or decorating.  I think I invented “Design on a Dime” before it ever became a television show.  It was exciting for Basil to find an old chair in Gene Byard Used Car office that was covered in silver paint.  I had the paint removed and right there on the back was stamped Senate Chamber of WV.  A rare find that is still in my possession and cherished as piece of historical furniture.

I was 20 and he was 22 and nothing could stop us now.  Each day was an adventure.


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