Something Is Missing


Okay, we have young love, a new home, but something is missing.  I am thinking about having a baby and we are doing everything we know to do, but it isn’t working.  We just got busy working on the house and I just forgot about getting pregnant. 

About a month later, I came down with what seemed to be the flu.  I was very sick with upset stomach and it just wouldn’t go away.  This was the beginning of a “flu” that was going to last for 9 months.  My doctor confirmed I was pregnant and the baby would be due in October.  I was so excited and so scared at the same time.  There was not a day that I wasn’t sick and actually had to quit my job.  I had committed to working for three years (until the furniture was paid off), but I was too sick to work.

In looking back, I don’t know how we did it.  Money was short.  We were young, but God was with us.  We both had Christian backgrounds and a trust in God that would last our lifetime.  We did what we could and left the rest to God.

The front bedroom would now be a nursery.  Did I say nursery?  Yes.  I am so excited.  I have no furniture for a babies room.  Don’t worry.  My aunt Neva McClure had finished using her crib and she said I could use it.  See the need was supplied.  Basil found a beautiful wardrobe and dresser and I painted it white and it looked so cute. I have never let go of this piece of furniture.  It is in my sister’s storage building.

It was a custom to pass baby clothes down to the cousins, nieces and siblings.  Aunt Naomi had all sorts of newborn clothes that came my way.  Someone had a baby shower and it seemed like everyone knew just what I needed.  I put the clothes in the nursery and would just stand and look and wonder if I would be a good mother.  I wondered if I would know what to do if the baby cried.  Would my baby look like the Hudson’s or the Woodrum’s side of the family?  I just prayed the baby would be healthy.  Will it be a boy or a girl?  Time will tell.


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