Nine Months of Morning Sickness


I thought morning sickness ended around the third month.  Wrong.  Morning, evening and night sickness lasted nine months.  Nothing helped.  I would go to church and this woman would wear Avon Topaz perfume and I would have to leave the service and head for the bathroom.  The smell of bacon was an automatic “gagger”.  Meatloaf was a trigger.  Oh, well…it only lasted nine months.

The day finally arrived when I could feel serious contractions and something told me a blessed event would be taking place.  We called Dr. Crites and he told us to head for CAMC.  It was a 25 mile drive and it seemed more like 200 miles.  I didn’t know then, but the birth was 20 hours away from happening.

Things were so different in the 60’s. There were no prenatal classes and I sure didn’t know what I was supposed to do.  The husband could only be with you for a few minutes and they had to go to the waiting room.  I was all alone in a room and I was in labor.  I suppose nature began to take it course and after about 12 hours, I was given a spinal and taken to the delivery room.

All the sickness and pain made the next phase worth it.  I will never forget looking in the mirror above me and seeing the precious gift that God was giving us.  You didn’t know the baby’s sex until it was delivered and that made it even more exciting.  I could see the black curly hair and the doctor say it was a girl.  The love of a mother instantly entered my heart that day and it has never left. 

Our little girl was born on October 23, 1964 and  weighed 9lb and 6oz She was beautiful.  I couldn’t wait to hold her and check out her fingers and toes.  She was named Teresa Lynn and I still love her to this day.


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