A Gift From Heaven


Yes, on October 23, 1964 our long awaited for baby girl came into this world.  All the pain, morning sickness and discomfort were worth the gift that arrived.  Another life begins and it is our responsibility to take care of this bundle of joy.

Back in the 60’s you stayed in the hospital for about three days after delivery.  I think you still need that much time in the hospital, but the insurance companies think different.  It was almost time to leave the hospital and I began dressing Teresa in a pink and white outfit that Granny Woodrum bought her.  I thought she was the prettiest baby ever.  Of course, every other mother thought the same thing about their baby.

This baby that was born on October 23rd is 44 years old tomorrow.  She and I had some quite moments with just the two of us this evening.  I bought her a birthday gift and had it in a Sponge Bob gift bag.  The bag is for Zoe, my grandchild and Teresa’s gift is inside.  Some things turn out okay, even with all the mistakes of learning how to be a new mother.


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