“I Was Not Pampered”


Babies eat, sleep and have dirty diapers, but not necessarily in that order.  Teresa’s bottom was covered with nice white cloth diapers that had to be laundered on a daily basis.  I  had a plastic diaper pail in the bathroom and it was filled with water and 2 tablespoons of Clorox.  The poo poo was emptied into the comode and all the diapers went into the diaper pail awaiting washing.  Pampers?  What was that?

I was lucky enough to have a dryer that Basil’s sister gave us and I didn’t have to hang my clothes outside. It seemed like the washer and dryer were in constant motion.  Baby clothes all washed seperately.

Cloth diapers were dried and folded in so one pin could be penned in the front or longways with pins on the side.  I always took great pride in making sure my baby had snow white diapers.  Babies wore plastic pants over the diapers too keep them from leaking.  I never left the rubber pant on in the summer or a diaper rash would appear.

Diapers, even in the 60’s were rather expensive and you couldn’t afford to buy dozens and dozens.  Most usually three dozen would be a good amount to have on hand.  After all, you would be washing everyday.

In 2009, babies still eat, drink and sleep, but they are more Pampered now.  What more can I say!!


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