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Love Your Neighbors As Yourself


Memories of the past seem to be more exciting than when the events were actually happening.  County life in rural West Virginia during the 60’s and 70’s was peaceful and neighbors would just drop in to visit.  Life was just about what you made it. 

You didn’t eat out every other day since there were very few restaurants at Yawkey.  Most women were stay at home mom’s who cooked for their family every day.  It wasn’t unusual for my neighbor, Jean to bring us several slices of fresh baked apple cake for dinner.  I, in turn, would take them homemade pie when I made one.  Rosemary and Sally lived across the road and both were excellent cooks. Mrs. Brumfield was in her 80’s and could bake the best squash pie you could hope to eat. I still use Rosemary’s recipe for Congo Cookies and Eloise had a recipe for Texas Lizzies that our out of this world.  I hope to start posting some of these recipes on this blog.   I wish me and my neighbors in 2008 were like my neighbors in Yawkey, WV.

Neighbors helped each other with jobs around the house.  I remember us needing a walkway after making a new door opening.  Two of Basil’s long time friends said they would be out on Saturday to help with the concrete.  When the word got out that you were having trouble with your hot water tank…..a neighbor was there to help.  It wasn’t unusual to have a casserole delivered when you were sick.  There was no fear of being robbed if you stopped to help someone with a flat tire and you may have even picked up someone thumbing for a ride.  This was the time and atmosphere where my family grew up.  Somewhere, sometime, all this seemed to sort of stop.  How sad.

What can I do to make my neighborhood in 2008-2009 more loving and caring.  It may start with me not being so tied up with my business, my family and my concerns and take time to take a casserole or hot cake to my neighbors.  Let me be more caring, more concerned and more giving.

Thanksgiving in West Virginia


It is 2008 and I am living in the present and reflecting back over the years.  I can’t remember a time in my life that we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving with all our family around the dinner table.  Reflections take me back to my Granny Woodrum preparing a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.  The smell of the turkey would drift through the house and make your mouth water.  Homemade pumpkin pies, hot rolls, turkey dressing and most of all family were the highlights of the day.

As time went by, I began to be the “designated cook” for the holiday meals and would invite all the parents, siblings and grandparents to my house.  I tried to set the same traditions that I had experienced through out my life.  I had learned by example, how to make the traditional dishes for these meals.

It is Thanksgiving 2008 and only the memories of the parents and grandparents remain, but I love all the loving thoughts that have been implanted in me.  My mom would have wanted cranberry relish and that will be on my table today.  Somehow, this helps me remember her although she has been gone six years.  Daddy would have said, “Pass the gravy” and laughed.  There is gravy on my table. 

My guests will be husband, sister, sister-in-law, son, daughter-in-law and those great grandchildren.  I love having all these people in my house with their feet under my table.  I am glad those before me showed me how to love the holiday’s and appreciate your family.  Most of all, I am glad for my Christian heritage and being taught that God is to be praised and thanked for all our blessing. 

This world is in a terrible mess.  The economy is falling apart, families are in crisis, the terrorist have just killed more innocent people, children are starving, people don’t have a coat or shoes, some look for food daily and the list goes on and on.  You see, if we have food to eat and a place to sleep we are blessed. 

From my house to yours………Happy Thanksgiving from West Virginia!!

Let’s Count Our Blessing…



I am going to start this page and I am asking the readers to help contribute.  Let’s think of warm, funny, lite or crazy things for which we are thankful.  Perhaps you have been reading my blog, but haven’t taken time to leave a comment.  Now is the time.  I think this could be fun.

I will go first.

1.  I am thankful for all the people we have met through the years of my husband’s ministry.  Some of the most memorable people had very in this life, but had hearts full of love.  I saw something in their lives that I will never forget.

2.  I am thankful for a forgiving heart.


Reflections in My Mirror–Grandparents Everywhere


Much of my early blog writing was centered around all the fun times at Little Granny’s house.  I am happy to say my children would also get to experience fun times with the same people.

Our children had LOTS of grandparents.  My mom and dad were  MawMaw & PawPaw Woodrum.  My other grandparents were Granny and Grandpa McClure and  Little Granny and Pee Paw.  Basil’s mom and dad were MawMaw & PawPaw Hudson. Basil’s grandmother was Granny Lore. All of these grandparent were well, alive and very much a part of my children’s lives.  Don’t you think a little child would be confused with all these old grey and gooing people?

I am thankful my children got to experience some of the same “time at granny’s house” that I loved as a kid.  Grandparents leave lifetime memories that are pulled up in our mind from time to time.  I love to be talking to my sister, Beverly and have a “remember when” moment that just puts that twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face.  My kids sat on the same porches, swang in the same swings and were caressed with the same arms that held me.

As we sit around our Thanksgiving table soon, we will remember how my mother always liked my cranberry salad and said it was the best ever.  Memories will play through our minds of the precious moments long ago that just seemed like yesterday.  I can still remember the smell of granny’s turkey cooking in the oven and see her made from scratch pumpkin pies on the kitchen counter. 

Our Thanksgiving time will be joyful, but a little sad when we remember all of our loved ones who have passed on.  Perhaps we need to let their lives be an reminder that we need to take time to leave wonderful memories for our grandchildren.  Good memories are made with patience, time, love and caring.  I need to remember this each day.

Oh, How My Vocabulary Has Changed!



It is 2008 and I am writing memories that go back to the 60’s.  I can’t believe how our vocabulary has changed in this short time.

In the 60’s …..

A pod….was something a pea lived in

A CD….was only associated with money

A lady bug…. as called a beetle

Voice Mail…would have been the postmaster telling you that you need to sign for a letter

A cell phone….was just a phone in a prisoner’s cell

A microwave….might have been a lady’s hair permanent

A DS….could have been short for foul language (donkey ….)

A keyboard…was only a musical instrument

A blue ray….a mysterious ocean creature

Digital…..never heard of it in the 60’s

Backup….something you better do when you don’t want to fight

Stocks…..refereed to all the food in your cupboard and freezer

Dinner…..all the family (and I mean all the family) sat down together, had prayer before we ate, discussed the day and we ate what mother cooked.  There were no drive through meals…no fast foods….no junk food…..and the mother decided on the menu.  There were the usual accidental spilling of milk, but it was on the table and not in a cup holder in the van.  I loved those days.

We Dedicated Our Baby


Another cycle of life has begun.  Another mother and father have a responsibility to raise a child pleasing to God.  To us, a new baby was not only a time of personal joy, but also much spiritual excitement.  We want to do this right, so we need to start right.

All week we planned to attend Sunday morning worship services at the Porter Fork Baptist Church.  This would be our baby’s first time to attend worship services.  Sunday morning arrived and we anxiously got ready to go to church with the “gift” that was born on October 23rd, 1964.  Diaper bag packed with diapers and bottles.  Everyone was ready to go out the door and baby needs to “poo poo”.  Well, it took a few minutes to change a diaper and head to church.

I started having emotions that were so new to me.  I began to think about people wanting to hold my baby and touch her little hands and I got sort of nervous.  Who knows where peoples hands have been and they may touch her.  Oh, this is terrible.  Should I be gentle or will I actually be straight forward in not allowing holding and touching?  Well, I was somewhere in the middle.  I wouldn’t allow the baby to be passed around during the service and some touching was okay. 

A dedication service in a Christian church is mostly for the parents.  You are vowing to train this child, to the best of your ability, set a good example, practice Christian principles in discipline, lead in teaching them about the Christian faith and showing your love to them.

Basil and I were from families with deep Christian backgrounds and we wanted to pass this on to our children.  I was so familiar with the verse, “Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are older they will not depart”.  I had faith to believe this Word and years later I can say it works.  Both of our children have accept Christ as their Savior.  His Word if true.  Try it.