We Dedicated Our Baby


Another cycle of life has begun.  Another mother and father have a responsibility to raise a child pleasing to God.  To us, a new baby was not only a time of personal joy, but also much spiritual excitement.  We want to do this right, so we need to start right.

All week we planned to attend Sunday morning worship services at the Porter Fork Baptist Church.  This would be our baby’s first time to attend worship services.  Sunday morning arrived and we anxiously got ready to go to church with the “gift” that was born on October 23rd, 1964.  Diaper bag packed with diapers and bottles.  Everyone was ready to go out the door and baby needs to “poo poo”.  Well, it took a few minutes to change a diaper and head to church.

I started having emotions that were so new to me.  I began to think about people wanting to hold my baby and touch her little hands and I got sort of nervous.  Who knows where peoples hands have been and they may touch her.  Oh, this is terrible.  Should I be gentle or will I actually be straight forward in not allowing holding and touching?  Well, I was somewhere in the middle.  I wouldn’t allow the baby to be passed around during the service and some touching was okay. 

A dedication service in a Christian church is mostly for the parents.  You are vowing to train this child, to the best of your ability, set a good example, practice Christian principles in discipline, lead in teaching them about the Christian faith and showing your love to them.

Basil and I were from families with deep Christian backgrounds and we wanted to pass this on to our children.  I was so familiar with the verse, “Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are older they will not depart”.  I had faith to believe this Word and years later I can say it works.  Both of our children have accept Christ as their Savior.  His Word if true.  Try it.


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