Oh, How My Vocabulary Has Changed!



It is 2008 and I am writing memories that go back to the 60’s.  I can’t believe how our vocabulary has changed in this short time.

In the 60’s …..

A pod….was something a pea lived in

A CD….was only associated with money

A lady bug…. as called a beetle

Voice Mail…would have been the postmaster telling you that you need to sign for a letter

A cell phone….was just a phone in a prisoner’s cell

A microwave….might have been a lady’s hair permanent

A DS….could have been short for foul language (donkey ….)

A keyboard…was only a musical instrument

A blue ray….a mysterious ocean creature

Digital…..never heard of it in the 60’s

Backup….something you better do when you don’t want to fight

Stocks…..refereed to all the food in your cupboard and freezer

Dinner…..all the family (and I mean all the family) sat down together, had prayer before we ate, discussed the day and we ate what mother cooked.  There were no drive through meals…no fast foods….no junk food…..and the mother decided on the menu.  There were the usual accidental spilling of milk, but it was on the table and not in a cup holder in the van.  I loved those days.


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