Reflections in My Mirror–Grandparents Everywhere


Much of my early blog writing was centered around all the fun times at Little Granny’s house.  I am happy to say my children would also get to experience fun times with the same people.

Our children had LOTS of grandparents.  My mom and dad were  MawMaw & PawPaw Woodrum.  My other grandparents were Granny and Grandpa McClure and  Little Granny and Pee Paw.  Basil’s mom and dad were MawMaw & PawPaw Hudson. Basil’s grandmother was Granny Lore. All of these grandparent were well, alive and very much a part of my children’s lives.  Don’t you think a little child would be confused with all these old grey and gooing people?

I am thankful my children got to experience some of the same “time at granny’s house” that I loved as a kid.  Grandparents leave lifetime memories that are pulled up in our mind from time to time.  I love to be talking to my sister, Beverly and have a “remember when” moment that just puts that twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face.  My kids sat on the same porches, swang in the same swings and were caressed with the same arms that held me.

As we sit around our Thanksgiving table soon, we will remember how my mother always liked my cranberry salad and said it was the best ever.  Memories will play through our minds of the precious moments long ago that just seemed like yesterday.  I can still remember the smell of granny’s turkey cooking in the oven and see her made from scratch pumpkin pies on the kitchen counter. 

Our Thanksgiving time will be joyful, but a little sad when we remember all of our loved ones who have passed on.  Perhaps we need to let their lives be an reminder that we need to take time to leave wonderful memories for our grandchildren.  Good memories are made with patience, time, love and caring.  I need to remember this each day.


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