Love Your Neighbors As Yourself


Memories of the past seem to be more exciting than when the events were actually happening.  County life in rural West Virginia during the 60’s and 70’s was peaceful and neighbors would just drop in to visit.  Life was just about what you made it. 

You didn’t eat out every other day since there were very few restaurants at Yawkey.  Most women were stay at home mom’s who cooked for their family every day.  It wasn’t unusual for my neighbor, Jean to bring us several slices of fresh baked apple cake for dinner.  I, in turn, would take them homemade pie when I made one.  Rosemary and Sally lived across the road and both were excellent cooks. Mrs. Brumfield was in her 80’s and could bake the best squash pie you could hope to eat. I still use Rosemary’s recipe for Congo Cookies and Eloise had a recipe for Texas Lizzies that our out of this world.  I hope to start posting some of these recipes on this blog.   I wish me and my neighbors in 2008 were like my neighbors in Yawkey, WV.

Neighbors helped each other with jobs around the house.  I remember us needing a walkway after making a new door opening.  Two of Basil’s long time friends said they would be out on Saturday to help with the concrete.  When the word got out that you were having trouble with your hot water tank…..a neighbor was there to help.  It wasn’t unusual to have a casserole delivered when you were sick.  There was no fear of being robbed if you stopped to help someone with a flat tire and you may have even picked up someone thumbing for a ride.  This was the time and atmosphere where my family grew up.  Somewhere, sometime, all this seemed to sort of stop.  How sad.

What can I do to make my neighborhood in 2008-2009 more loving and caring.  It may start with me not being so tied up with my business, my family and my concerns and take time to take a casserole or hot cake to my neighbors.  Let me be more caring, more concerned and more giving.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder — I need to be more loving & caring to my neighbors too. too many times we pull into our garages and even see the ones who live right next door. I want my kids to know our neighbors, so I need to be more neighborly!!

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