Each Day Is New-Regrets & Anticipation


We are all in the same boat if we are still alive and breathing.  There is a past which is gone forever; but there is a future which is still our own.  I personally can look back over 2008 and see some wonderful blessings and other terrible things I would like to forget.  That is life and we just have to put on our big girl or big boy pants and deal with it.

I recently read a phrase that just keeps going over and over in my head.  “If a person could see the ending of a matter, it would often change the beginning.”  So many times we see the ending and we begin to think “what if” ….I would have made another choice….I would have been more kind….I wouldn’t have went in another direction.  The ending of a situation that goes wrong makes us doubt ourselves and those around us.  We have to realize we are only human and we live in the here an now.

Do I think we should plan for the future and have a game plan.  YES!  However, we can still only estimate, project, analyze, forecast and hope that our path will not have detours along the way.  We don’t know the ending, but should approach the beginning with wisdom and well thought out ideas.

Most wise business managers begin the new year with a positive game plan and new expectations for their business and personal life.  As we all know, there is usually a “curve ball” thrown that wasn’t in the plan.  The unanticipated attacks all the positive plans and tries to devastate us.  This is when a smart person relies on wisdom, prayer and a support team to direct them through the detour.

We all know (positively) that the economy will drastically be effecting each day of 2009.  The domino effect is in place and with each tumble another person or business suffers.  I am not being negative.  I just don’t want to keep my head in the sand and act like nothing is happening around me.

I personally am not wise enough to have the answer to all of life’s circumstances.  We are told to pray for wisdom.  That means you should ask for God to help you use your knowledge and apply it in the manner of a wise person.  God will never leave us or forsake us in 2009.


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