Each Day Is New–I Need to Be Reminded


Everything that goes on in the world around us has an effect on our emotional ups and downs.  The sickness of a child, the unstable economy, financial concerns, losing a loved one and this is just the tip of the iceburg.  Yes, a good beginning to a day can change in a moment and without warning.

I have personally been going through the ups and downs in the last few week and I hated the inner feelings that were taking over my being.  Sometimes things just seem like they are out of “our” control.  I was feeling like I personally had to solve my situation and have the “fix” for everything that was wrong.  I needed to be reminded!

I spent much time in prayer and ask God to give me the wisdom to use my knowledge in my personal life and in my business.  I was a little surprised when I began waking up in the early morning and just thinking about life.  What is God trying to show me?  He let my mind flow back to scripture that reminded me…”I will never leave you or forsake you and will go with you all the way”.  I needed to be reminded!

Last week I sat down at my office desk and I could see a mental picture of a big circle and in the center were me and my two business partners and God was in the very center.  Outside the circle were all sorts of arrows trying to get through the circle.  I was reminded once again that things may be bad, but nothing can separate us from the love and protection of God.  He will be with us and He reminded once again.

Sometimes I feel so “whimpy” when I am not the encourager to others or I am just not feeling on top of the mountain. I think God knew we would “have day’s like this” and He told me:  “All that are heavy laden…cast your cares on me”.  I know He still loves me when I come to Him and whine, ask why and tell Him I need some help.  He reminds me with my own thoughts that He has always been there and He is with me now.

I remember the song, “He Is Still Working on Me” and I realize I am a work in progress and I will never be perfect or will I have all the answers.  I have been reminded by God through His Words.


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  1. What a wonderful find, your blog is! I have to take the time to sit down to read more…

    from Gin at High Mountain Muse

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