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Each Day Is New–Where Did Time Go?



I looked at my Blog Stats and my blog has a reading of someone who’s heart is barely beating.  Perhaps I need to be shocked back into writing daily. 

It was only yesterday that I was a little girl with dreams of being a teen.  Almost 47 years ago I was married to the love of my life and over the years we had two wonderful children.  Finally, four wonderful grandchildren that are “the most special in the world”. 

I have always thrived in business management and ownership and thought I would never want to quit.  I began by scaling back and not working on Friday and now 24 hours a week as owner/consultant.  I LOVE IT! My two other business partners are very capable of handling most situations and can depend on me for consulting and helping them.

Basil’s job as pastor and mine in business have prevented us spending the time together that we desired.  I will never look back and wish I would have spent more hours at the office, but I may wish I had more family time.  Only working 24 hours or so a week is opening up doors to help others.  I love visiting the sick and elderly with Basil.  I seem to go to lift them up and I am the one that leaves feeling better.

Basil was not obligated to our church this morning and he accepted an invitation to be the speaker at The Community Church in Lincoln Co.  This was a wonderful time of seeing children we knew who are now married and have children of their own.  It brought back so many good memories to see the McClure Family sing during the devotion.  I thought Basil’s message on “Enjoy the Journey” was very touching and well accepted.

We arrived at the church a little early so we drove on through Yawkey, WV.  We lived in Yawkey for 17 years and moved from there in 1982.  Many of the older houses, including my parent’s home are still there.  As we drove, my memories triggered wonderful thoughts of my life when we were younger. 

 Where did the time go?

Each Day Is New-Winter Blahs


There is always something happening in my life or those around me, but I haven’t been motivated to write recently.  But…..the….thoughts….are slowly….coming to me now.

It has been a little depressing to see the effects of the economy hitting some of our friends.  Only yesterday, a neighbor lost his job at Chesapeake Energy.  The guys working in a downstairs office had to close his business.  People I know even more personally are losing home, cars and they don’t know where to turn. 

We should thank God every day that we have a job and count it as blessed to get up early and go to work. Actually, we do pray at our company for God to direct and guide us during these troubling times. 

I have not been going into the office on Friday for some time.  My husband and I have been using this day to run errands, have lunch together or chill out.  I have been married to Mr Basil for 47 years and I love him more everyday. 

This was a very rambling blog, but I have broken my silence and spoken.  More will follow later.