Each Day Is New-Winter Blahs


There is always something happening in my life or those around me, but I haven’t been motivated to write recently.  But…..the….thoughts….are slowly….coming to me now.

It has been a little depressing to see the effects of the economy hitting some of our friends.  Only yesterday, a neighbor lost his job at Chesapeake Energy.  The guys working in a downstairs office had to close his business.  People I know even more personally are losing home, cars and they don’t know where to turn. 

We should thank God every day that we have a job and count it as blessed to get up early and go to work. Actually, we do pray at our company for God to direct and guide us during these troubling times. 

I have not been going into the office on Friday for some time.  My husband and I have been using this day to run errands, have lunch together or chill out.  I have been married to Mr Basil for 47 years and I love him more everyday. 

This was a very rambling blog, but I have broken my silence and spoken.  More will follow later.


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  1. I found a blog yesterday from a man in Ohio who lost his job, along with hundred of others in their company, and started the blog and a support group to reach out and help each other. It is so amazing in these difficult times to see the beauty which manages to shine trough, and hopefully will make this world better in the long run.

    Speaking of beauty… your marriage to Mr Basil… talk about counting your blessing! 47 years. That’s beautiful!

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