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Each Day Is New-Finding the Beauty in Spring


The sun peaked through the bedroom early this morning and seemed to be calling to me.  I wanted this Saturday to one of those days when I can say, “Ah, Ha” when it is over and know it was good.  I want to find beauty in the things I see, the people I meet and in everything around me.

Well, I had better get this adventure under way.  Basil was still asleep and I had to gently convince him that we were going to go to yard sales.  We got dressed and didn’t even make the bed.(making the bed is usually a must)  We are going to look for yard sales and beauty and the unmade bed will be there when we get back.

We didn’t want to take time to eat breakfast at home so we headed to Tudor’s Biscuit in Teays Valley.  While Basil was ordering I got a booth and it was close to six older men sitting at a round table.  My ear tuned in to their amusing conversations.  They discussed Mexicans being in the US, World War II submarines, standing and sitting in a Catholic church and what they used to do on their jobs.  I didn’t have to pay a dime for this entertainment and there was beauty in listening. 

Breakfast is over and the yard sale search begins.  We looked for the signs and followed the arrows to several sales in Bentree.  I soon ran into a friend that I haven’t seen for a long time.  We took time to chat and then ran into each other at four other sales.  This was nice.

We drove through several subdivisions and admired the trees and flowers that were blooming in full color.  Many hosta plants were peeking their heads through the soil.  The geese from the lake were strutting right in the middle of the road and were reluctant to move for anyone.  After all, they are looking for the beauty in Spring too.  They have been sitting in cold water all winter.

I have a floral wreath on my front door to brighten the entry.  Right in the middle of the flowers on the bottom is a ” new bird nest” that has just been built.  There is one little blue egg that the mother has laid.  I am glad she chose my wreath and my door for her home.  This is a beautiful sight.

I also looked at my husband and I smiled.  On April 21st we will have been married 48 years and I love him more now than the day I married him.  We have had our “up’s and down’s”, but we have worked on situations to keep together the family that God had in His plans.  There is joy and beauty in growing older together and still enjoying the simple things of life.

The best things in life are free.

Each Day Is New-County Supper


No, I didn’t say dinner.  We had a country supper this evening and it was yummy.  When I lived in Lincoln county it was always called supper during the week and dinner on Sunday.    So much for that!!

I didn’t have a clue what I was cooking this evening, but it all just fell together.  I needed something fast and easy.  Here goes….  I made salmon cakes, sweet peas, mashed potatoes and homemade cornbread.  Simple and tasty. 

This is how I make my salmon cakes.

1 can of pink salmon

1 egg

bread crumbs (I buy a can of seasoned bread crumbs)

Open the can of salmon and drain the liquid.  The salmon has been cooked and packed in the can.  Empty the whole can in a bowl.  You don’t have to remove the bones and skin.  Just take a wooden spoon and mash the salmon until all broken apart.  Add the egg and stir well.  Add enough of the bread crumbs to make the salmon stick together so you can make it into patties.  You can usually get about seven patties from one can.

Add corn oil to your skillet and let it get hot.  Add the salmon patties to the pan and brown well on each side. 


Sometimes I buy Teays Valley Cornbread Mix or Martha White Self Rising Cornbread Mix.  The secret to any good cornbread is using buttermilk instead of regular milk.  And of course, you have to bake it in an iron skillet. 

You may not be one bit interested in what I had for “supper”, but I enjoyed telling you about it.

What is your favorite county meal?

Each Day Is New-Something Is Missing!!!


Yesterday I was handed the company bank deposit as I was leaving the office.  Our bank is on my way home and I was glad to run this errand.  I picked up my coat, ABC Catalog, purse and the deposit.  For some reason, I passed up the bank and just decided to make the deposit the next morning.

THIS MORNING:  I am preparing to put on may make-up, go to Target and drop of the deposit.  I can not find the deposit anywhere.  Before I sound the alarm, I search the front seat of the car, I go through the trash, I dump out my purse and look in my home office.  I never put the business deposit in any of these places,…..but I am going to check. 

Panic is setting in at this point.  I call my husband (who is 30 miles away) and ask if he has seen the deposit.  I call my business partner and dread telling her I can’t find our deposit.  One person has already searched my office, but she and Lisa will search again.  They can’t find it anywhere.

I know I had taken responsibility for something that was precious and valuable and I have lost it. I can’t blame anyone else.  I have to take responsibility for this problem.  I am praying and the people at the office are praying that we can find what is lost.  No one is giving up!  We want what we had in our hands.  We want to have the joy of finding what is precious.

Lisa makes another search, but goes outside the office.  This time she looks at the place where I parked yesterday.  There hiding in the tall grass (like the prize Easter egg) was our bank deposit. I had dropped the deposit as I was getting in the car.  It was wet from the rain, but had not lost the worth.

I thought about our spiritual lives and how many times we lose our direction or lose the joy we once had in our lives.  There are wonderful people that will help us find what is missing.  What did I once have that was valuable and brought complete joy in my life?  I need to seek the precious gifts that God has given me and let them bring joy to my life and to the life of others.

My business partner reminded me of God when the lost deposit was found.  She didn’t start criticizing me or blaming.  She said it was okay and what was lost is found.  That is exactly what God does when we renew our fellowship with Him and find our way on new paths.

Each Day Is New-Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This


I would like to say I am always positive and face each day with a big smile on my face.  Well, I guess I could say this, but I would be lying.  I am an imperfect human that hits rock bottom sometimes or just ends up in a bad mood with life changes.  Sometimes I can take bangs and hits from all sides and it doesn’t faze me.  On a rainy day, the smallest circumstance may alter my normal cheery mood.  Today is the day.

I actually began the day very positive, but……one email, one call, another problem and our focus can be altered.  This feeling will not last.  Tomorrow will be better, but today I am venting.  Gee I already feel better.

Today I realize the economy is changing peoples dreams and plans.  I know.  We are not guaranteed anything on this earth and that fact is coming all too clear for me and for dear friends.  I have friends who have watched their 401K drop to half and now they can’t afford to retire.  Another dear friend has lost their car and has to sell their house. 

Every business decision by one business effects another.  Job loss, lack of sales, cash flow and high taxes all all happening at the same time.  We all see this happening and today it is making me “mad”.  How did we get in this mess?  We all want to blame the government.  Were we greedy Americans who just wanted things we could not afford? 

If we have a job, a roof over our head, decent health, a family and transportation we should be SO GRATEFUL.  Even through a “mad & sad” day, I thank God for his blessings on me and my family.  It could be worse. 

I remember telling my mom a “sob story” and she would say, “Honey, there will be day like this.  Just hang in there and it will be better”.  You know, my mom was right.  What God has prepared for us in eternity will be more than we can presently comprehend.  Our troubles and trials will be over.