Each Day Is New-Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This


I would like to say I am always positive and face each day with a big smile on my face.  Well, I guess I could say this, but I would be lying.  I am an imperfect human that hits rock bottom sometimes or just ends up in a bad mood with life changes.  Sometimes I can take bangs and hits from all sides and it doesn’t faze me.  On a rainy day, the smallest circumstance may alter my normal cheery mood.  Today is the day.

I actually began the day very positive, but……one email, one call, another problem and our focus can be altered.  This feeling will not last.  Tomorrow will be better, but today I am venting.  Gee I already feel better.

Today I realize the economy is changing peoples dreams and plans.  I know.  We are not guaranteed anything on this earth and that fact is coming all too clear for me and for dear friends.  I have friends who have watched their 401K drop to half and now they can’t afford to retire.  Another dear friend has lost their car and has to sell their house. 

Every business decision by one business effects another.  Job loss, lack of sales, cash flow and high taxes all all happening at the same time.  We all see this happening and today it is making me “mad”.  How did we get in this mess?  We all want to blame the government.  Were we greedy Americans who just wanted things we could not afford? 

If we have a job, a roof over our head, decent health, a family and transportation we should be SO GRATEFUL.  Even through a “mad & sad” day, I thank God for his blessings on me and my family.  It could be worse. 

I remember telling my mom a “sob story” and she would say, “Honey, there will be day like this.  Just hang in there and it will be better”.  You know, my mom was right.  What God has prepared for us in eternity will be more than we can presently comprehend.  Our troubles and trials will be over.


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