Each Day Is New- Grandpa McClure Was a Little Boy


      I have a little history on our family. Ireland and Scotland seems to be our origin. Richard McClure born about 1700 in Raphoe, Ulster County, Ireland Died 1774 Culpeper, Virginia is our earliest family in the USA.
     The picture above is the family of William and Emily McClure and their children.  My grandpa, Arch is the little boy on the left in the back row.  This is the first picture of ever saw of grandpa as a child and I have been so excited.
     My mom, Deloris McClure Woodrum and I stayed with grandpa McClure while my dad, Donald was in World War II.  Grandpa was the only dad I knew during those times of war and dearly loved me.  I have nothing but fond memories and loving thoughts of this man…who I forgot was a little boy at one time.
     I just received this picture of week ago and I have gone bonkers looking at it and wondering about the people.  William and Emily McClure had 13 children and as a little girl I can remember most of them. We had McClure Reunions during the summer and most everyone attended.   Of course, the red hair (from Ireland) was scattered through the family.
     From Ireland, to Virginia and then to a rural WV farmland.  It all seems so complex.  They settled in Yawkey, WV and it is 25 miles from Charleston, WV.  Why did they choose such a remote place?  Did they know where they were going when they traveled to the Yawkey, WV area?  Why did they choose a home-site that was a mile up a road and hill?  I would love to be able to have a glimpse or an image of that time and era.  However, all I can do is imagine.
     I noticed the children on the front row are holding a toy or a doll.  I am sure they didn’t have a toy box full and this was probably their only toy.  I wonder if Great Grandma Emily made the dolls?  There were very few stores and they lived about a mile up a hollow in Yawkey, WV. 
     Grandpa William McClure had acres and acres of farmland and with 13 children to feed, everyone had to help with the crops.  The farm was eventually divided and Albert, Arch and Luther either bought or were given many acres for their own farmland.  Grandpa Arch’s farm is now owned by his son James.
     I wonder where all these people slept?  Years ago my mom and I walked up the the old McClure home place and the old house was rather small.  I am so privileged to have had the opportunity to walk through their house years after anyone lived in it.  Mother showed me the room where Grandma Emily died and you could almost feel a presence there.  Mother said Grandma Emily kept her gold coins in a jar in the corner of her bedroom.  The wallpaper had been pretty, but was stained with time and wear.
     Mother told me a story while we were walking through the old farmhouse and it is supposed to be true.  After Grandma Emily died and was buried, some of her grandchildren came to the house and were stealing gold coins, pictures and other belongings.  Well…..they heard something strange and so they say, a ghost appeared.  Those involved in the stealing actually told the story and they were so scared they ask for forgiveness and started going to church.
     My mom had a tall glass fruit compote that belonged to Grandma Emily and before mother died, she gave it to me.  It has a special place in my home.  I hope the ghost of the past doesn’t come looking for it.
     I never personally knew Grandpa William and Emily, but they sure produced a wonderful Grandpa Arch McClure. 

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  1. We always assumed our people chose WV because the mountains reminded them of home…in Scotland. It’s hard to imagine hoeing out a living on these hills otherwise…

  2. Hey what else do you know about richard Mcclure. My Great Great great Granpa was Dr Nelson McClure of Fuquay(alum Creek) he lived near to Top Sod .

  3. Aaron, I have posted just about all the information I have on the McClure Family. My cousin, Rick Neal has “ton’s” of info that he has gathered through the years. Tim Zirkle, formerly of Lincoln Co also has info.

    Do you have an email address? I could ask Tim to contact you. I know I have heard the name Nelson McClure. Tim is on Facebook and he posted a lot of pictures on it.

    Do you live in Lincoln Co.?

  4. Richard Renshaw McClure was my distant grandfather. I was born in West Hamlin, WV. My grandfather was Sesco “Pete” McClure. His father was Andrew Jackson McClure. I am interested in any information reguarding my family history. I would love to see more pictures of my long ago family.

    email: ltickett@verizon.net

    • Emily: I personally don’t know the person you are asking about. Are you or your ancestors from Lincoln County, WV? What are some of your relatives names? I may be able to find out some information for you.

  5. I am your Cousin, for that is My Uncle William McClure and Aunt Emily. His Brother James Reese McClure is my 2nd Great Grandfather.

  6. Hi,
    My name is Steven Lee McClure, My Great Great Great Grandfather is Allen Harrison McClure brother to Dr. Nelson McClure. I been doing my family tree for more than 20 yrs of looking. My aunt in West Virginia has also been doing.

    • Steven: I kow Dr. Nelson McClure is somewhere in the history of my family. Tim Zirkle has a wonderful history of the McClure Family and can be contacted on Facebook.

      What is your aunts name?

  7. I’m intrested in finding out more about my dads side of the family . I really don’t know to much at all but I know my grandpas name was Albert mcclure a Korean war vetran and was killed by a drunk driver I believe in 1980 or so . I’m a big history guy and I love the story u wrote .

  8. I am a descendant of Richard McClure, my great, great grandmother was Rhoda McClure daughter of Allen McClure and Julia Vickers, Allen was the son of Elijah McClure I believe, not looking at my notes. My family lived in Lincoln county until my dad was in grade school in the early 50’s. It was nice to read this post, great picture!

    • I am sure we must be related down the line somewhere. Tim Zirkle probably has more information on the McClure Family than anyone I know. He can be contacted on Facebook.

      What is your father’s name and where did he go to grade school? I may know him.


      • My dad is Frank Cassle not sure where he went to grade school. My grandparents are Melvin and Virginia Cassle. Virginia was a Kingery before she was married.

  9. I believe I am related to this arm of McClures. My great grandfather was Calvert Victor Holstein married to Sidney Alice Dodson. Do you know if he is related to this McClure Family for sure? If so, where can I find personal histories of them. I love reading about the lives of my ancestors. Thank you.

  10. Hey my name is Steven Allen McClure and lived in Lincoln co. Wv and am researching to find all I can on my grandpa Sesco Pete McClure and my grandma Lena McClure. My email is stvnmcclure@yahoo. Com.

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