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Each Day Is New-Fearing the Unknown



I am a make a list person and need to check it twice.  Before starting a trip all reservations must be made and confirmed or I get frantic.  Well, my adventuresome husband is helping me overcome my fear of traveling without confirmations.

Of course, being a minister he just said we will pray about it and all will be fine.  My faith was not quite so strong on this issue, but I remembered there is a verse about being “submissive” to your husband.  Now why in the world would I suddenly remember this verse?  I thought I would try it.

peaks of otter lodgeBasil was so protective of my fear of not knowing where we would stay each night.  He started looking for available lodging around 4pm.  The first night we stayed on the northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway at VA Peaks of Otter Lodge (Mile Post 86). I probably would never have ordered this online, but I actually liked the room.  Everything was quite rustic.  The furniture was made out of sort of rough lumber and painted in brown tones.  We had no phone, no internet and no TV…..but we talked to each other. 

This is a “by the way” comment on room rates.  The traveler is really paying their share of taxes.  Room Charge ($107.10) State Tax ($5.36) Local Tax ($5.35) Virginia Tax ($13.09). 

Why are we so conformed to our personal traditions?  Why don’t we just let go and experience the freedom around us?  Why are we afraid to be submissive to those who love us most?

We ate in the lodge by a window that overlooked a huge lake.  We could see the fish jumping up for their dinner, watch traveler walk around the lake and pause to thank God for our food and his blessings on us.  All of this, by just by being submissive and facing my fears. 

 I think I like it.

Each Day Is New-Traveling With No Agenda


When planning a vacation we always reserved a hotel in advance, arrived at that destination on the scheduled day and departed on a scheduled day.  Well……we changed all of that this year.  We discussed certain places we wanted to go and would hit the road with no agenda.

We definitely wanted to drive from the northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway and travel the full length to North Carolina.  I did all my internet research, printed out some maps and things to see along the way.  We packed our suitcase and were ready for adventure.

I wanted this carefree trip to be relaxing and also spiritual.  I wanted to draw closer to God through prayer, viewing the things He created and be closer to Basil, my husband.  This trip would be all of that and more.

We were driving the parkway and were at an elevation of over 6,000 feet when the storm clouds started moving in on the mountain.  We had driven in the pounding rain for several mile and visibility was not good.  I love storms, but not when driving in them.  I suggested we pull over at the secluded overlook and “experience” the storm.

Basil pulled over and turned off the engine.  I said, “Let’s experience this storm and see God in it”.  We got very quite and just listened and watched.  Quickly we could feel the car move as the wind picked up and the pine trees bent to the winds command.  The pounding rain was now making a ping, ping, ping sound on the windshield and hood of the car.  This is the middle of a hot July day and it is “sleeting”.  We had been clearly been looking at a mountain in front of us, but now the snow-white fog and clouds were blocking any view.  God himself was invisible, but He was commanding all the elements and they were dancing in the rain.  This was an awesome experience, but we were safe in the rocking car.

As I sat there experiencing this storm, it reminded me of the storms in life.  Sometime these storm come quickly, things get shaky and we can’t see in front of us.  We must rest in our faith because we are safe in God’s hands and He will protect us all the way.

Sometimes we just need to slow down and experience everything the day has in store for us.

Each Day Is New- July in West Virginia


Basil and I had lunch under the big oak trees in our front yard today.  I have a picnic table in the back yard and a lovely table and chairs on the deck, but something was calling for the yard.  We have two gravity reclining lawn chairs and this was a nice place to relax.

I could see our American Flag flapping in the breeze of this July day.  I couldn’t keep from thinking of all the people who have helped keep us FREE and it is an honor to see Old Glory.  My grandpa, Pearl Lucas Woodrum-WW I and my dad, Donald Edward Woodrum-WW 2 were only two of thousands who are American heros.

I closed by eyes and the coolest July breeze brushed across my skin and I almost felt like I was on the beach.  I sneaked and opened my eyes and I was still in WV…oak trees and all.  I again closed by eyes and I could hear many birds giving out their calls, bugs clicking in the trees and the smell of smoke in the distance.  Just listen…..Just listen…….The branches hanging from my oak trees were dancing with the breeze and actually keeping rhythm.

Ouch!!!  I felt something sting my hand.  It was something I hadn’t seen all summer.  A sweat bee.  Sweat bee’s are tiny, tiny little bee’s that only sting lazy people (or so my mom always said).  Well, I was being lazy today.

I am anticipating all the 4th of July events in a few days, but today was priceless.  I shared a tuna sandwich with the man I love for time and eternity, the breeze was cooling us and God’s creation was tapping on my shoulder.  Sometime we just need to slow down and look around us.

“Be still and know I am God”.