Each Day Is New-Traveling With No Agenda


When planning a vacation we always reserved a hotel in advance, arrived at that destination on the scheduled day and departed on a scheduled day.  Well……we changed all of that this year.  We discussed certain places we wanted to go and would hit the road with no agenda.

We definitely wanted to drive from the northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway and travel the full length to North Carolina.  I did all my internet research, printed out some maps and things to see along the way.  We packed our suitcase and were ready for adventure.

I wanted this carefree trip to be relaxing and also spiritual.  I wanted to draw closer to God through prayer, viewing the things He created and be closer to Basil, my husband.  This trip would be all of that and more.

We were driving the parkway and were at an elevation of over 6,000 feet when the storm clouds started moving in on the mountain.  We had driven in the pounding rain for several mile and visibility was not good.  I love storms, but not when driving in them.  I suggested we pull over at the secluded overlook and “experience” the storm.

Basil pulled over and turned off the engine.  I said, “Let’s experience this storm and see God in it”.  We got very quite and just listened and watched.  Quickly we could feel the car move as the wind picked up and the pine trees bent to the winds command.  The pounding rain was now making a ping, ping, ping sound on the windshield and hood of the car.  This is the middle of a hot July day and it is “sleeting”.  We had been clearly been looking at a mountain in front of us, but now the snow-white fog and clouds were blocking any view.  God himself was invisible, but He was commanding all the elements and they were dancing in the rain.  This was an awesome experience, but we were safe in the rocking car.

As I sat there experiencing this storm, it reminded me of the storms in life.  Sometime these storm come quickly, things get shaky and we can’t see in front of us.  We must rest in our faith because we are safe in God’s hands and He will protect us all the way.

Sometimes we just need to slow down and experience everything the day has in store for us.

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